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History of Rajasthan is very old and interesting. Read further to know more on Origin & History of Rajasthan, India.
Rajasthan Travel : History of Rajasthan

History of Rajasthan

History of RajasthanThe origin of Rajasthan goes back to the Harappan or the Indus valley civilization (3000 - 2000 BC). The name Rajasthan literally means the Land of Rajas - the rulers.

The Rajput dynasties rose from the 7th to the 11th centuries and until the end of the 12th century, control of north India was concentrated in their hands. They claimed to be the original Kshatriya - warriors seeing themselves as protectors of the dharma (religion) against invaders with attributes ascribed to the martial castes i.e. chivalry, bravery and unquestioning loyalty. By the 8th century most of the north-west desert was ruled by various clans in small kingdoms but the height of their power and glory was between the 13th and 16th century. Even during the growing might of the Mughal Emperor Akbar many Rajput princes were awarded high offices in return for loyalty but in the later period several Rajput princes sought to secure their autonomy from the Mughals. Thereafter, their continuous interclan rivalry and the growing might of the Mughal Empire finally eroded their strength. After the quelling of the Mutiny in 1858 and with the establishment of the British Empire, the Rajput princely states gained in appearance and power.

The rugged forts and palaces, innumerable temples surviving amidst scattered ruins and medieval cities are testimony to its turbulent past and legends.

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