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Built by the rich merchants of Jaislamer, the havelis in jaisalmer are a true picture of medieval architecture in India. Explore more on Jaisalmer Havelis, Rajasthan.
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Havelis in Jaisalmer

Havelis in JaisalmerHavelis in Jaisalmer - Havelis The 18th and the 19th centuries yellow sand stone mansions built by the wealthy merchants of Jaisalmer remain unmatched for their exquisitely carved sandstone facades, jali screens and oriel windows. These are some of the most beautiful and elegant examples of medieval architecture in India created by silavats, a community of masons.

Patwon ki Haveli
The largest and the most magnificent of all the mansions, Patwon ki Haveli was built in 1805 by a Jain merchant - Guman Chand Patwa. This Jain merchant had made a fortune trading in jewels and fine brocade and hence the name Patwon ki Haveli (Mansion of the Brocade Merchant).

The front of the haveli has 60 latticed balconies so finely carved as if they have been created from wood than from stone. It has exquisitely carved pillars and extensive corridors and chambers. One of the apartments of this five storey high haveli is painted with beautiful murals in bold red and gold. Of all the havelis in Jaisalmer, it takes the cake for sheer magnanimity in size, shape and style and is the most photographed haveli in the whole of Rajasthan.

Salim Singh ki Haveli
The other of the great havelis is the Salim Singh ki Haveli, built by the Prime Minister, Salim Singh in 1815. Located just below the hill, the haveli has a beautiful arched roof, with rows of blue peacocks below the arched balconies. This superb mansion in yellow stone is covered with intricate carvings and has an elaborate projecting balcony on the top storey. It is said that the all powerful Salim Singh, once had two additional storeys to make it as high as the Maharawal palace, but the Maharawal finally managed to have the upper storeys torn down.

Nathmal ki Haveli
It was built for the Prime Minister in the late 19th century and is a display of sheer craftsmanship. The left and right wings of the mansion which were carved by two brothers, Hathu and Lallu, are not only identical but very similar and harmonious in design. It has a highly decorative facade with two yellow sandstone elephants guarding it at the entrance. The interior walls are ornate with splendid miniature paintings - flowers, birds, soldiers, elephants, bicycle as well as a steam engine.

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