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The "Sun City" of Rajasthan was founded by Rao Jodha in 1459. Information on Jodhpur travel & tourism is presented below.
Rajasthan Travel : Jodhpur India

Jodhpur India

Jaswant Thada in JodhpurJodhpur in Rajasthan - The vast area of the western Rajasthan includes the desert region extending from Bikaner in the north down to the forested hills of the Mewar region in the south. In spite of its inhospitable terrain, the Thar Desert is the world's most populous arid zone. In the very heart of this untamed desolation is a triangle of magnificent medieval kingdoms, the most exotic and exciting cities of legendary Rajasthan - Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner.

The House of Marwar
Jodhpur was the largest kingdom in Rajputana before the advent of the Mughals. At the time of Rao Maldeo, the boundaries of Marwar extended to within a few kilometers of Delhi. Jodhpur - the stronghold of the Rajput Rathores is an island of marble palaces in a sea of surrounding desert. The color and vibrancy of Rajasthan is seen here on a more princely scale.

Standing at the edge of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is the largest city in Rajasthan after Jaipur. It is famous for its riding breaches synonymous with this princely state. Many polo players from Jodhpur region and its royal family are legends in national and international circuit. Jodhpur is also one of the largest exporters of handicrafts and antiques from India. Its decorative leather craft, tie and dye textile and the traditional life style is enough to entice. Packed with history, art and culture this princely state is a treasure-trove of some exquisite palaces, forts, temples and havelis - standing a testimony to the imperial grandeur.

Facts About Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Road Distances Jaipur 340 KM,
Udaiupur 275 KM,
Mount Abu 304 KM,
Jaisalmer 285 KM,
Bikaner 256 KM
STD Code 0291
District Jodhpur
Region Western Rajasthan
Weather of Jodhpur Average Summer max 42° C,
Winter min 15° C
Best season October to March.
Area 29 sq km
Altitude 236.53 m.
Jodhpur Map

History of Jodhpur City

The powerful Rajput Rathores are suryavanshi who descended from a chieftain Nain Pal, conquerer of the prosperous north city of Kanauj in 470 AD. The dynasty ruled the central India for the next 700 years until in 1192; Kanauj fell to the Mohammad Gori. Forced to flee, Rao Siha with some hundred of his followers arrived into the deserts of Rajasthan. Ousting the local Solanki prince and the tribal leaders, the Rajput Rathores started consolidating themselves. Rao Siha finally set himself up as ruler of the extensive lands around Pali, south-east of the present - day Jodhpur.

By the 15th century, they assumed control of the Kingdom of Mandore on its periphery. To this harsh terrain came Prince Jodha, a Rathore scion and moved the capital nine km to the south from Mandore. Jodhpur, a more secure city was thus founded in 1459. In 1870, Sir Pratap Singh came to rule and in his reign of 50 years foundation for the modern Jodhpur was laid, subsequently to be built upon by Maharaja Umaid Singh (r 1918-1947). Two years later after the independence of India, in 1949 this Rajput state became a part of Rajasthan.

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