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Most of the Forts in Rajasthan are based on Rajput architectural style. Check out this section on Rajasthan Forts, India.
Rajasthan Travel : Rajasthan Forts

Rajasthan Forts

Forts of Rajasthan, IndiaForts of Rajasthan - The Rajput fortresses were strategically located, several of which dot the arid landscape. Enclosed within massive ramparts designed in the Rajput architectural style, the citadels were used for providing a retreat to the warriors. Built in the times of incessant unrest and wars the defensive character of these constructions was to resist assaults of the intruding enemy armies. Additions were constantly made to these forts resulting in an architectural legacy showing the assimilation of the Mughal and later on the British opulence. This is referred to as Indo-Saracenic architecture.

These impregnable fortresses perched on steep crests are a veritable acropolis surrounded by walls made of local stone reinforced by bastions (burjs) and parapets. The semi-circular bastions were furnished with platforms for wheeled guns (toaps) and the walls of the some of the forts like at Jaisalmer and Chittor are several kilometers long.

Gateways or Pols in Rajasthan
Massive gateways were cut through and were studded with spikes to combat the assaulting elephants and thus defend the access to the fortress. The ornamentation of these gateways is both decorative and symbolic displaying mythical animals and processions of warriors. Usually two elephants facing each other decorate the imposing porches dominating the main entrance - called Hathi Pol. The finest Hathi Pol can be seen in the forts of Bundi and Kota. The threshold door depicts Lord Ganesh - a deity with the head of an elephant on the body of a human. Guarantor of the success of human endeavours - the name given to the one of the most beautiful gates of the Amber Palace is Ganesh Pol. Tripolia - triple succession of arches generally mark the entrance to a central courtyard used for public ceremonies and parades.

Famous Forts of Rajasthan

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