/Mallorca beyond Magaluf: 5 Reasons to visit Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca beyond Magaluf: 5 Reasons to visit Mallorca, Spain

Hiking Barranc de Biniaraix

There are plenty of incredible hikes in Mallorca, which will take you through untouched mountains and tumbling waterfalls, but the Barranc de Biniaraix, which takes you through a rugged ravine not far from Sóller is the one I opted for. Be warned though, set off early in the morning as the route can get quite tough if you make the full loop in the mid-day sun.

The trail takes about five-hours if you plan on making a loop from Sóller, and can be a full-day hike if you do the full track and loop. The trail is not exactly a tough hike, but some may prefer to hire a guide as the route at some points can be quite steep and require climbing.

Once you leave the valley in Sóller and head into the Biniaraitx gorge itself, you’ll appreciate the incredible change of scenery. Olive and lemon trees line the terraces around the gorge, and the karst canyon has been shaped over the years by the water which has passed through it.

There are various walking routes you can take, but the loop to the farmstead and back is a good bet if you don’t want anything too strenuous. For those who venture on though, you’ll be reward by even more lakes, waterfalls and insane vistas looking out across the mountains and ocean. You can find a list of hiking routes here.

Mallorca Beaches

Relax on the sun-kissed beaches of Mallorca

Incredible beaches

The waters and beaches in Mallorca are that beautiful shade of light blue that tropical islands conjure up, not islands in Europe, so if you enjoy heading to the beach or watersports, you are in luck.

Playa de Palma is not far from the airport, and it was here where I enjoyed a couple of nights of luxury in a stunning hotel (Iberostar.com) before I went to stay in Sóller. This long stretch of sand is ideal for those wanting to be closeby Palma, and not have a long transfer when they land, but there are plenty of smaller and even more stunning beaches across the island you should find time to visit.

In the south of the island, Caló des Moro is undoubtedly a show stealer, and I was so glad to be visiting in the off-season as this tiny cove with its turquoise waters would surely get crazy busy in summer. It’s a small beach, but close by are plenty of other stretches of sand you can relax on if you arrive to find Caló des Moro has already been overtaken by other sunseekers.

Not too far from Sóller is Cala Banyalbufar beach, and although this isn’t your typical beach which a huge sandy stretch, it’s stunningly beautiful, especially as vineyard terraces wind up from it. It’s certainly one I would suggest visiting, even if just for a dip and some photos, and in case you can’t tell I loved everything along the west of Mallorca near Sóller.

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